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For the used car business. When you buy the reasonable used car. There is some trouble with its condition.   Also , when you find good car without any trouble. It will be expensive.   Those are inevitable diremma. If you are dedicate to car business.  

Why good car is expensive and reasonable car is bad condition.

The answer is very simple. Most of cars from Japan came thorough same ways like below picture. ”輸出業者までの流れ図” The important is the system of AUCTION. Auction is like a balance. “天秤アイキャッチ” Many exporter try to bid good stock. Then the good stock will be expensive. Few exporter try to bid bad stock. Then the bad stock will be cheap.   It’s very simple. And there are no exception in the auction.   So the good unit is absolutely expensive. And the reasonable car is absolutely bad unit.  

Many exporter chose easy way.

By the way, don’t you have any experience to buy reasonable car and regret it?? Even if your answer is YES.   You are not special.  There are many cheat in the Japanese car export business. Do you think that “Japanese is reliable.”??   I proudly declare ” Yes, Japanese is reliable”.   But also declare ” You should not believe Japanese car exporter.”   Why??? Let me explain.   Recently in Japan the number of exporter is getting increasing year by year. And the export business market is getting strict.   Also as you know , most of buyer think that cheapness is important than its quality.   So , many exporter try to find cheap and cheap unit.   In fact if we purchase the car with no problem in the auction, then try to sell with regular price.   It will be never sold out. Because almost of all buyer demands discount. And regard it too expensive.   Most of exporter is honest when they start business. But they absolutely face the same wall like above.  And they are pushed into economical crisis.   And they change their mind. Its very simple.  Then they will begin to cheat customer.   They search and choose the car which looks good but has something invisible fatal problems in its condition. For example please check below. The picture is called “inspection sheet ” . We can check it before we bid it in the auction.   This inspection sheet has problem with the engine. But if you check only the photos, it looks good.   Of cause they can bid off these kind of unit with very reasonable price. Then they sell this kind of unit with reasonable price hide this problem.

We also faced to the same wall.

Our company name is “K&M trading”. We start this business four years ago.   And we also faced to same wall and experienced the economic crisis same as other exporters. Because we try to find only good condition cars.   But many buyer complain about us “your car is expensive”. We discount and discount . Because once we purchase car in auction, we have to sell out, even it will be deficit.   Please check the review of tradecarview of us. We never cheat customer , so there are no bad comments for us. But our car is not sold well in tradecarview.   Because our unit is also bit expensive than other exporter’s unit.   When we face same wall of car export business, we find other ways from other exporters.   The way we found is not easy way.   We decided to stop buy the car from auction.   Then we start to purchase from individual car user in Japan.   And we start this site, “direct-stock”.   What’s the difference between “with auction” and “without auction”. オークションなしダイレクト図 To not using auction we realize to purchase “Reasonable” and “Good condition” unit.  

Our service

When we receive the car information from Japanese car user. We upload the information of the car on this site. We call the car information as “direct-stock-information”.   And at same time we send the mail to all the buyer who registered as direct-stock member. We send only specific car information.   For example , if you register , only “Hiace”, We send the information of Hiace information.   Even we get the information of RAV4 , we don’t send the information of RAV4. Of cause you can register multi number of cars model. You can also choose “need all direct-stock information”.