Usual car exporter purchase the car to export through following steps.

So when the exporter get the car, it will be very expensive, if the quality of the car is good.

In the case of “Direct-Stock”.

In the case of “Direct Stock”.

 We don’t purchase from the auction, but from the last car owner directly.

It means , we success to reduce both “Car dealer margin” and “Auction margin” .  

 And also even the car is very good car, there are no competition with other exporters in the auction.

So we can keep the price as regular value.


 If you are car dealer or broker. ” Direct Stock” accelerate your business.

As you know. 

 If you are doing used car business.


 Your client ask you to look for “Reasonable car”. 

So you look for reasonable stock.


 But as you know. Reasonable car has something problem.  There are no exemption.

It means even you get some profit from your client. You absolutely lose your trust.

So your client never ask you.  You will lose your client easily.



 If you chose direct-stock.

You will get reasonable car without any problem.


 It makes your client happy. 

Then your client introduce you to other client.

And the client take other client……


 We don’t need express any more.

You business will accelerate very soon.


Be carefull !!   There are only two demerit of “Direct Stock”

Demerit 1

 Direct Stock will be sold out very soon.

 Our direct stock is too good for the buyer. It is sold out very soon.


 This is the worst demerit of “Direct Stock”

So you need to keep giving attention to Direct Stock information.

You can check the latest Direct Stock information here.


Or , if you register your e-mail address.  You can get every “direct stock information” when the new stock is comming in.

 If you want to register “Direct- Stock member”. Please register from here.


Demerit 2



Many car exporter tried to purchase from individual car owner in Japan. 

But no exporter success it.

 How we could realize the direct-stock ???

We focus only several car.

Example Hiace van , Rav 4, Corolla.


 So you can choose only specific cars as Direct-Stock.

So it means the Direct-Stock is very very special cars.


 For any information of Direct-Stocks.

Please visit our website.

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